10 Reasons Why I Love to Blog


I may have personalized the title of this post by stating reasons of blogging that are close to my heart. But What I intend to express in this post are the 10 reason why everyone should have a fashion blog. Well, not everyone really, but if you have a fashion blog or wish to start one, these are the reason that should motivate you to keep going!

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I often complain about how hectic it is to manage a fashion blog, a full-time job and my personal life, but I have never stopped blogging! Despite having to compromise on a major part of my free time I am still keeping Style Over Coffee alive. Weekends to me are very different from any normal person. I do my chores and get into blog photo shoots,  editing photos and scheduling posts for the following week as I know I will not have enough time during the week to do all of that. Me and Pankaj cannot take vacations like normal couples as we have our jobs and our blog to run. The only reason we are able to do all of that is because we love blogging. Style Over Coffee is like our baby that we have been nurturing for 3 years now and we simply cannot think of giving it up for the sake of adding a few extra free hours to our lives.

Today I decided to sit and do some introspection about why blogging is such and fun and fulfilling experience for me. I also chose to create an entire post around it which can be motivating and can offer some additional fashion blog tips for the upcoming fashion bloggers. After all that is what this platform is all about to me-self expression!

 #Blogging Offers Unlimited Freedom

Freedom to express myself, freedom to be myself and freedom to do things I love to do and freedom to share them all on my blog. I have rarely ever felt this free to do anything that I love to do. There has always been some kind of constraints or the other. With Style Over Coffee, I have no constraints what so ever.

#Be my own Boss

On Style Over Coffee I am my own boss. Me and Pankaj are not answerable to anyone. We can take a day off without getting questioned and it feels divine! Seriously! 🙂 After spending a day working in someone else’s terms it feels great to be home and immerse myself in a virtual world where I have control over everything and I enjoy absolute authority.

#Getting to meet like minded people

Changing cities and jobs make it nearly impossible to catch up with a lot of like minded people and through blogging I am actually able to fill up this gap. My fellow bloggers sharing similar interests and problems connect instantly. Although most of such friendships are virtual, my blog has actually made world a very small place for me. I have blogger friends from pretty much all corners of the planet!

#Be More Fashionable

Yeah, fashion! Now mine is a fashion blog and at least for the sake of my blog I am always trying to look fashionable. I am anyways constantly updated on latest trends and what is going on around the world, fashion wise as a part of my profession. But through my blog I have started paying a lot more attention to my personal style than ever before. As for Pankaj, being from a Science background, fashion was an alien concept to him. You should look at him dressing up and commenting on my style and make up these days! 🙂

#Pour in my thoughts

That’s once again a part of freedom to be able to express without having to think about getting judged. Well, there will still be a lot of people who are going to judge anyways but a handful of them out there will read what I have to share. This post for instance is quite close to my heart and I am typing down all my thoughts straight from the heart without much of guilt or any kind negativity in my mind.

#Exploring Creativity

I am a creative person (a fashion designer, for those of you who are new to my blog) and Pankaj loves photography and is a wonderful writer. With a blog, the opportunities are endless to explore our creative sides and the experience is  enriching, engaging and fun, all at one go.

#Learn new skills

Ever since we started Style Over Coffee we are learning something new every single day. Be it a new photography trick, a new way of styling an outfit or a new techno tip. We are evolving with each post, each month, each year. Because in our blog we are the writers, the photographers, the models, the conceptualizers, the editors and the promoters! We take care of everything from business development, to social media promotion and since our blog hasn’t grown that big yet, we take care of the back end of it as well. This means learning the basics of coding, search engine optimisation techniques and marketing skills!

#Travel like crazy

Well, we haven’t travelled all that much yet. But now that we have a travel section on our blog, it’s a part of our new year resolution to travel and explore new places. We visited Udaipur last month and heading to another exciting place very soon! We want to travel like crazy so that we can come back and share all our wonderful experiences on our blog!

#Connecting with brands we love

Although our blog is yet to grow into a full time business, we are loving all the exciting collaboration opportunities we are getting through it! We choose our collaborations carefully and get into one only if it totally appeals to us and fits into our blog sensibilities, but being able to partner with local and global businesses and being able to bring to you some wonderful products that we love is a very positive feeling.

#Love Myself

Last but not the least, my blog has taught us to love myself unconditionally. It has provided a sense of achievement, pride and happiness. It’s definitely worth blogging a lot longer.

I know this has been one of my longest posts and I thank you for taking the time out to read it! If you haven’t yet taken part on my blog anniversary giveaway, there is still time to do so! I will see you very soon with yet another post and if you have any questions or thoughts, pour them out on the comments section below or in my social media account with the hashtag #STYLEOVERCOFFEE!

Take Care 🙂

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  • abbiosbiston
    February 6, 2016

    After almost 7 years I can’t imagine life without my blog.

    • Sarmistha Goswami
      February 18, 2016

      Can totally relate to it! My blog has become such a part of my life too! 🙂

  • JL
    October 5, 2016

    It’s all about doing what you love… 🙂

  • PrincessBlabbermouth
    April 21, 2017

    You inspire me and I really love your website, the design is so chic! I like the coffee-coloured splatter on the header- clever! I hope you carry on doing what you love and loving what you do 🙂

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