Today I am going to answer some of your burning Fashion Questions! I get these questions everywhere-through email, comments and DMs from my readers, from friends and family and sometimes, even from people I’ve just met (after they get to know about my profession! :))!

This is basically a compilation of all kinds of Fashion Questions that I get asked and this list should answer pretty much all of your questions.

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1. How long can a garment last in my wardrobe?

Answer 1 : Some clothes are timeless while others are trend of the moment with a shorter life span. If the garment in your wardrobe belongs to the timeless category, you can wear them as long as you like and may be even pass on to the next generation. If you have more of trend of the moment inside your wardrobe you will probably have to let them go sooner than you’d want. However, many pieces that are out of trend can be updated by styling in a new way. The bottom line is, you can continue wearing your wardrobe till you genuinely feel you need an upgrade.

2. How do I know what will look good on me?

Answer 2 : The answer is pretty straight forward, you can never know till you try. While a professional stylist can help you pick items based on your body type, preferences, skin tone etc., trying things out is very important to make an informed decision.

3. I like an item but I think it makes me look fat/short/thin/weird/ugly (you can add adjectives of your choice). What should I do?

Answer 3 : Not all items can compliment everybody in a world full of diverse appearances. If you like wearing something, you can always customize the fit, length etc. in a way that suits your body type and personality.

4. What are the top 3 items that I need to have in my wardrobe?

Answer 4 : A well-fitted jeans, a classic white shirt and a pair of black pumps.

5. What is the most important thing I need to remember while buying fashion items?

Answer 5 : Make sure they fit you well. Fit is one of the most important aspect that is over looked most often. A bad fit can make even the most expensive clothes look cheap!

6. Is it ok to like something that is considered outdated?

Answer 6 : It is ok to add one supposedly ‘outdated’ item to your outfit if you balance it with either trendy or timeless pieces.

7. I mostly  have blacks and whites in my wardrobe. How do I incorporate more color?

Answer 7 : If you are new to wearing bright colors, start slow. May be start with some pastel colored tops initially. It is also a good idea to add some fun colors through accessories first.

8. What are some of the fail proof spring-summer items?

Answer 8 : Sundresses in ditsy floral prints, pastel colored blouses, color white (whichever way you like to use it), denim shorts and oversized sunglasses.

9. What are some of the fail proof autumn-winter items?

Answer 9 : Color black, Denims in dark washes, High neck tops, Chunky knit sweaters, Sweater dresses and Chunky boots.

10. Is it ok to wear sequins and shimmery fabrics during the day?

Answer 10 : Yes. But, don’t overdo this, if you are unsure.

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11. Does horizontal stripes make you look fat/wide?

Answer 11 : Yes, horizontal stripes can make you look wider in general. But horizontal stripes are also very classy and a must-have fashion item. The trick is to avoid wearing horizontal stripes in areas where you feel you are a bit bigger.

12. I want to try most of the new fashion trends. But I feel like I am going to come across as ‘trying too hard’. What should I do?

Answer 12 : If you feel as if you are trying too hard, you probably are! It is good to step out of  your comfort zone when experimenting with Fashion, but make sure you tread lightly. It is also a good idea to take professional advice if you like.

13. What kind of lingerie to pick up for what type of outfit?

Answer 13 : The most important role of lingerie is comfort. So the key is to never compromise on that aspect. Lingerie should stay out of sight at any point in time with an exception of sports bras and the lace bralettes that may sensuously peek through your neckline.

14. Can I wear summer clothes in winter?

Answer 14 : Even though it is entirely a personal choice, some colors, prints and garments look the best in summer. For example, bright summer floral sundresses, cute pastel shorts and linen strappy tops are synonymous to summer. Unless you live in a very warm place with not much of a difference between summer and winter temperature, it is better too stick to separate summer and winter clothes. However, there are some pieces that can be effortlessly transitioned from summer to winter, but that would have to be a separate post!

15. What are some of the colors that can be worn all year round?

Answer 15 : Some such colors are Off white, Beige, Rust and Mid-wash blue denim.

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You don’t really have to care much about Fashion trends if you don’t want to. But, trends are real and very much a part of Fashion and dressing-up, whether you care or not!

16. Can I wear denim to work?

Answer 16 : If your work place doesn’t have a strictly formal dress code, denim can easily be worn to work. Pick a clean slim fit pair and team with crisp shirts and pointed pumps for a workwear denim look.

17. Can I wear bright colors to work?

Answer 17 : Unless you work in Fashion or other such industries with a very relaxed dress code, bright colors may come across as slightly unprofessional and too informal as office wear. If you must incorporate some colors, pastels could be a better choice. You can throw in some bright colors by carrying a bright handbag or footwear, but don’t go overboard!

18. Are there trends in handbags, shoes etc. as well?

Answer 18 : Yes there are! In fact there are color trends, accessories trends, interior trends, automobile trends an what not! Fashion and Market forecast companies constantly monitor the vibes of work around putting together trends in pretty much all industries. People love change and look for newness and that is how trends come and go!

19. How do I get to know about latest trends in Fashion?

Answer 19 : There are a lot of sources like Fashion Blogs, Fashion magazines, Shopping sites and a professionals Stylist, depending on your choice.

20. Is it important to care about Fashion trends?

Answer 20 : Once again, a very personal choice. You may choose to care or not care. However, trends are still a thing, whether you care or not! 🙂

I hope this post answered some of your major fashion questions.

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