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It is a significant day for my blog today. I have just completed 3 months of blogging with Style Over Coffee.

It is my first fashion blog and I will be honest I was quite apprehensive in the beginning. With so many lovely blogs, each better than the other, I wondered if anyone would actually be interested in reading my posts. But I am so happy to find such great readers who really have made my blogging experience so much fun and exciting.

I love my blog and always try to create posts as interesting as possible for my fashion savvy readers. And you just can’t imagine the amount of encouragement I get with every ‘like’ and every comment from my readers on each of my post. My enthusiasm only doubles up to create something better the next time.

With Style Over Coffee, not only have I managed to create some posts that I feel so proud of and are appreciated by all of you, I have also met some lovely fellow-bloggers, whose blogs I totally enjoy and have, in the process, developed a virtual friendship with  them.

 Today I would like to thank each one of my beautiful readers who have made my 3 months of fashion blogging such a wonderful experience.

I am all set to take up new challenges and promise to give you the best of my abilities because it is you who are the heart and soul of my blog and Style Over Coffee would be lifeless without your ‘likes’ and comments.

 Thanks a million for being so nice, supportive and at the same time help me set a high standard for my blog.

I love you all…I truly do!!!

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