Blog Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Fashion, Style, Photography, Beauty, Blog Anniversary, Blog Giveaway, Jabong, Indian Fashion Blog, Indian Fashion Blogger, Style Over Coffee, Nail Paint, Lip color, necklace

Fashion, Style, Style Over Coffee, Photography, Beauty, Blog Anniversary, Blog Giveaway, Jabong, Indian Fashion Blog, Indian Fashion Blogger, Nail Paint, Lip color, necklace

Fashion, Style, Photography, Beauty, Style Over Coffee, Blog Anniversary, Blog Giveaway, Jabong, Indian Fashion Blog, Indian Fashion Blogger, Nail Paint, Lip color, necklace

Hey, Hey February! Finally you are here!

On the 11th day of this month Style Over Coffee is going to complete it’s 3rd anniversary and this definitely calls for some kind of celebration!

You readers are the heart and soul of Style Over Coffee and we couldn’t have been up and running for so long without your love and support. Wish we could present a small token of thanks to each one of you personally but unfortunately that is not quite possible. So we chose to conduct a giveaway instead where we can pick one lucky reader of Style Over Coffee and gift him/her this set of gifts sponsored by Jabong!

The giveaway consists of a cute banana pouch from New Look, a floral necklace from Miss Bennett London, Colorbar Nail Polish in the shade Pink Lady and a Hot Hot Hot Velvette Colorbar Matt Lipstick! 

So are you guys excited??!! I sure am and I so want all of you to win.

Please read on for the terms and conditions of the Giveaway :

1. This is an international giveaway. As long as you have a valid address to receive the gift, you are eligible to take part!

2.You need to answer 2 questions : Why you like reading Style Over Coffee? and Why do you think you deserve to win this gift hamper from Style Over Coffee?

3.You can enter the give-away by doing one (or all) of the following:

Like our Facebook Page, share the pinned giveaway post and give your answers on the comment section of the post. Don’t forget to make the share ‘public’ for us to be able to see it. 

Follow us on Twitter, share the pinned giveaway tweet and leave your answers @styleovercoffee with the hashtag #Styleovercoffee

Follow our Instagram account, share the giveaway image and leave your answers as comments to the image with the hashtag #Styleovercoffee. Don’t forget to mention @style_over_coffee

4.The winner will be selected on the basis of their answers and maximum number of shares. The most genuine and fun answers that appeal to the Style Over Coffee team will take away the gift hamper! 🙂

4.The giveaway is open till the 11th February, 2016 (Thursday) and the results will be announced on 12th February,2016 (Friday). The winner will be announced only on our Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts so please keep following us on all the social media to stay updated. 

5.If the winner doesn’t respond back within a week of announcement, the gift will be given away to the 2nd winner! If you are the winner, please don’t let this happen to you! 🙂 🙂

That’s all about the giveaway! Do share this post with as many of your friends, family and loved ones as you can! If you have any questions, ask away at the comment section below! All the best guys and don’t forget to pay a visit to my favourite online fashion shop who sponsored these wonderful gift items! 🙂

8 Responses
  • Shreedhara Goswami
    February 1, 2016

    1) The first question is really simple. I have never come across anyone who can bring together such a wide range of colors in a single look so effortlessly without making it look gaudy. I literally try and copy you on various instances 😉
    2) I am the most deserving winner. We are both hardcore lovers of anything colorful and pets. We definitely must be soul sisters in some parallel universe. Who else can be the winner 😀

  • Manpreet
    February 2, 2016

    Congratulations for the anniversary. May you have many more celebrations like these.

    a1: So, why style over coffee? Almost a year back, I was looking for Indian fashion bloggers so as to help myself style a bit. And you know there are plenty of lists of Indian fashion bloggers… top Indian fashion bloggers and blah blah! One thing common about those lists is they disappoint you. One by one you click on the blogs, don’t get impressed and hop onto something else. But when I visited your blog, it was different. I got glued. For the first time on my life, I read 3-4 articles on one single website in one go. And another first was when I followed you on twitter, which I don’t usually do as I use twitter to connect with social media marketing pros. I have always loved your posts. Non spammy, useful and interesting. So yeah! that’s why style over coffee. Because it managed to stand out among a number of other fashion blogs I visited during a crazy hunt for best Indian fashion bloggers.

    a2: I usually don’t participate in giveaways. I barely win. But then I looked at the prize. That necklace! That’s something I would never wear. Not because I don’t like it but I think I will never be able to gather enough courage to wear such bold pieces. I have tried but I always take off such statement pieces before stepping out of my home. This year, I have resolved to try different things… things that make me uncomfortable but are good for me. Winning this hamper would mean that I have something to push me to do that… I would have something to inspire me to get over that block in my mind that stops me from wearing anything but plain clothes with no accessories. So, yep! that’s why I want to win this giveaway. To be different this year. 🙂

  • The Fashion Huntress
    February 2, 2016

    !!! Congrats are in older for your blogaversary!!! GO YOU! I want to respond on insta/twitter, but I don’t think there’s enough space on those formats LOL so, here goes:

    Why you like reading Style Over Coffee?
    I love reading your blog because your spirit is conveyed through your writing and your photos. Your photos and looks are always so vibrant and you’re always smiling such a big smile. As you know, I generally hide my face in my photos but I love your outward joyful expressions- and of course, I love your style. The pieces you’ve designed have been so gorgeous and it’s been fun to see you grow over the years! It takes a lot of time and commitment to keep a blog ongoing, and I appreciate you’ve maintained yours and your same spirit throughout the years!

    Why do you think you deserve to win this gift hamper from Style Over Coffee?
    Because I love everything bright and bold and colorful! And this hamper is all of those things! Hot pink, neons, bananas, statement pieces…I’m sold.

    XO and congrats again!!

  • Cortneybre
    February 2, 2016

    Congrats on your blogversary!!!!!!! #1 I love your blog; you have an international flair that i just love and I’ve loved seeing you blossom thru the last three years! Your confidence shows!!!
    #2 I LOVE that bag; so Cute, Cute, Cute!!!! and I’m going to Mexico soon so I need it! Lol! Love ya! Cortneybre…

  • laurie murley
    February 11, 2016

    I love reading your blog because of all the info you give us.

    I deserve to win this because i’m such a good person

  • laurie murley
    February 11, 2016

    I like your facebook page-laurie g murley

    I follow you on twitter-lmurley2014

  • laurie murley
    February 11, 2016

    I tweeted

  • anuradhaforever
    March 7, 2016

    want me to be honest ??? you were the first female blogger I started to follow almost two and half years or so back 🙂 I have always admired you ever since , I sometimes wonder if I personally know you. This blog is more like a friends blog for me and that is why I follow you. I love how you carry off those bright colors and everything about you before and after the revamp of your blog 😛 apart from that , I loveeeeeee these things.. that lipstick has been on my hit list way too long , give it already you <3