Natio Aromatherapy Travel Pack : Product Review

About a month back I had shared this Natio Aromatherapy Travel Pack on my Instagram Account and a lot of you asked for my experience using these products.

It took almost a month for me to try out the skincare range and finally, here is my Natio Product Review!

I have been using Natio products for several years now.  I love Natio brand because of three main reasons, first it is a cruelty free brand. Second, it suits my skin and third, it suits my budget. I have already shared a review post in the past talking about a few different items that I had used from this brand. However, this is the first time I have used anything from their Aromatherapy range. Read on to know about my thoughts about them.

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So, starting with my Natio Product Review, this Natio Aromatherapy Travel Pack had 4 products in small travel size bottles and tubes inside a transparent plastic zipper pouch.


Natio Aromatherapy Gentle Skin Toner : This is one of the first skin toners that I have used because I am not very regular with applying a toner on my skin. My skin was breaking out a lot recently so I thought perhaps adding a toner to my everyday skincare routine would be good idea. Right from the first application I fell in love with this Natio skin Toner.

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This toner has an essential oil blend that doesn’t dry up the skin and yet keeps in shine free. The Rosewater and Chamomile give it a beautiful fragrance. In short, I loved this toner and I am certainly going to buy it again.

Natio Aromatherapy Evening Primrose Moisturising Face Lotion : This moisturiser is perfect for my combination skin. It is extremely light-weight and absorbs very easily. I was not a big fan of it’s strong fragrance initially, but soon got used to it. I think apart from the fragrance there is nothing negative to talk about this Moisturising Face Lotion.

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It is one of the best moisturisers that I have used so far. I do recommend it to anyone with oily or combination skin type.

Natio Aromatherapy Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF 50 : This is one of my favourite sun protection so far. It is light-weight, absorbs easily and my skin felt so soft every time I used it. I am currently using this sunscreen over my Natio Moisturising Face Lotion, but I guess I will be able to apply it all by itself during humid summer months.  I love the fact that it contains a high SPF, that’s just what I need to survive a tropical weather!

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Natio Aromatherapy Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser : In my entire Natio product review, this is probably the only product I don’t have anything good to talk about! This Foaming Facial Cleanser is a cream based face wash that doesn’t lather up and therefore doesn’t clean all that well. Though they did mention in the description that this cleanser is ‘low foaming’ to avoid stripping the skin of it’s natural moisturiser, but unfortunately I didn’t find that aspect of it to my liking. I normally use coconut oil as makeup remover and when I used this cleanser to wash my face after removing my makeup, it just couldn’t wash down any of the oil. Instead the foam got mixed with the oil leaving white residues behind! This is the only product that I would not recommend at all to anyone with oily, normal or combination skin. However, if you have super dry skin, you might just want to give it a try.

I hope you found my Natio Product Review useful. If you have had a different experience using these products, do share in the comment section below. Bye for now and hope you have a great week ahead!