Between mercury soaring and the lockdown not easing any further, happy colors currently provide me with the much needed happiness!

Today I really have very little to write about. There isn’t much going on in life other than complaining about either the weather or the lockdown. Can’t tell any more which one is more frustrating!

Nonetheless, the idea of this blog post is not to complain incessantly about things going wrong but to make the most of the summer days, my colorful wardrobe and put together a look that is super fun.

Colors, Fashion Blogger, Summer Style, Colorful Outfit-2

Colors, Fashion Blogger, Summer Style, Colorful Outfit-1

As you can see, I am recycling my wardrobe all over again wearing pieces that are old and creating new looks with them. The two items that are new in my look of the day today are my sunglasses and my footwear.

I have been sharing a lot of pro-tips on how to wear bright colors. This outfit is probably a slightly advanced version of all those tips. Wearing bright colors from head to toe isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for me, it pretty normal. I love wearing bright colors most of the time.

While I do experiment a lot with colors and patterns, wearing  a bright outfit on a bad day is like having strong coffee on a winter morning! It is my feel good factor! 🙂

Colors, Fashion Blogger, Summer Style, Colorful Outfit-3

Colors, Fashion Blogger, Summer Style, Colorful Outfit-4

So, I am not going to overwhelm you with style tips with every blog post. Sometimes it is good to just let things be the way they are. Sometimes it is the best to follow your heart.

So, my only tip for you today is…

Do what feels good. Do what feels right. Do it more often.

Colors, Fashion Blogger, Summer Style, Colorful Outfit-5

I hope you enjoyed my look of the day with an overdose of happy summer colors.

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I will see you soon with another post!