I have been talking a lot about Slow Fashion these days. Not because it is a trending topic but because I genuinely follow Slow Fashion to a large extent. ‘Buy Less Wear More’ has been my motto for more than a year now and trust me, it is not always easy. There are way too many cute items in the market and it takes some will power to hold yourself back! I have often times gone out of my comfort zone trying to mix-and-match existing items in my wardrobe to create new looks. But this exercise has challenged my creativity like never before. It has been real fun thus far.

Different people interpret Slow Fashion differently. To me it is really about maximizing your wardrobe and be more mindful of your fashion purchases.

Read more about it on my post Tiger Print Sweater on Repeat where I have talked extensively about my thoughts on Slow Fashion.

As it is evident from the title of this blog post, I am going to talk about this pair of jeans that I am wearing today. They are about 12 years old, if not older!

Slow Fashion, 12 years old jeans, Street Style, Fashion Blogger-2

Slow Fashion, 12 years old jeans, Street Style, Fashion Blogger-1

I honestly don’t remember when did I buy this pair, but they were already quite old when I started my blog back in 2013. It’s a lot easier to track the timeline now, as I regularly document my style on the blog and Social Media. Anyways, they were a clean pair of slim fit jeans from UCB without stretch. I later did a DIY splatter print to give them a new look. (Check out my YouTube Channel for the tutorial if you like! :))

After wearing for such a long time, now I am genuinely over this pair. So I wore it one last time for a photo shoot before giving them away. If you follow me on social media you may have already seen a sneak preview of this look. I wasn’t really up for a photo shoot because I kind of had a weird day! This is more of a blogger-off-duty look. But I am still very proud to be able to wear a jeans for so long and didn’t want to miss the chance to write a blog post about it.

Scroll down to see how I wore this pair of jeans several times on my blog since 2013. I don’t relate to some of the looks any more and our photography and editing wasn’t all that great back then. But that is how we all evolve right?

Slow Fashion, 12 years old jeans, Street Style, Fashion Blogger-3

Slow Fashion, 12 years old jeans, Street Style, Fashion Blogger-4

Slow Fashion, 12 years old jeans, Street Style, Fashion Blogger-5

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on Slow Fashion. I also hope you liked the looks that I created with this single pair of jeans over the years!

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I will see you soon with a new post!

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