The Art of Loving Yourself!

How difficult can it be to love yourself? I mean aren’t we all suppose to love ourselves unconditionally? Or does it sound a bit selfish to love yourself before loving others?

Today however, I am talking about a positive body image and loving the way you look, loving your body the way it is.

This post was due yesterday but I have recently started a new work out routine and that is keeping me really tired. I could barely keep my eyes open yesterday after my cardio session to type the post. I thought it would be worth mentioning about my work out session because that is helping me a lot in maintaining a positive body image, exactly what this post is all about today.

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You might be wondering why am I killing myself trying a new work out session when I actually feel we should love ourselves the way we are. Well, that is actually the tricky part that prompted me to share my thoughts about this whole concept of positive body image without meaning to hurt or offend anyone reading this post.

I love myself and there isn’t anything that I would like to change about myself as far as appearance goes.

Yes, I do put on some make up and I work out because I feel good when I look good, but I don’t have the perfect body or the perfect features and I am never going to brood over what I don’t have. I would love to enhance what I have and ignore what I don’t because that is the best I can do.

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I have always been towards the skinnier side. Though that might make me appear quite lucky but trust me it wasn’t all that great. When I was growing up, I always had these weird adults giving me advice to put on weight so I look ‘healthy’. I was definitely a healthy child and there was nothing wrong with my physical health ever. But ‘apparently’ I looked unhealthy and weak and I was supposed to eat a lot just to please people that never mattered to me in my life.

So, being skinny as a child and as a teenager was more of a stress to me than a blessing!

However, I do have a supportive family and my father always encouraged me to eat healthy and engage in some kind of outdoor physical activity to stay fit and never quite bothered me with putting on weight.

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Today I exercise because I feel so energetic and fit after a good work out session. I eat healthy and nah, I don’t kill myself to look a certain way. I do whatever I can within my limitations to live a healthy and active lifestyle and that’s about it. With every passing year I am getting more confident about my body and honestly, blogging has helped me a lot in being so. I see a lot of bloggers embracing themselves the way they are and talking about their weaknesses and it’s inspiring to read such articles. Of course we all have weaknesses and they make us real!

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So, over the years I feel I have somewhat mastered the art of loving myself and this has definitely increased my happiness quotient! Since the Valentine’s month is still on, I would very much concentrate loving myself and maintaining a positive self and body image as much as I love my near and dear ones.

People who love themselves can be great lovers in return!

27 Responses
  • Trayee
    February 17, 2017

    Beautiful Presentation dear… i like your last line much…It’s very true..

    • Sarmistha Goswami
      February 17, 2017

      Thank you babe! 🙂

  • makeupplus50
    February 19, 2017

    Wonderful message.

    • Sarmistha Goswami
      February 19, 2017

      Thank you!

  • Jelly
    February 19, 2017

    I know how u felt growing up. Being half Japanese I’ve been always small frame, but until I hit 30’s I was like 100 to 110lbs. In the past 3 years I’ve been struggling to put some weight on not for to please people but just because I wasn’t feeling happy. Last August I went to fight my first tournament and I was way under the weight, so I decide put some weight on and I got from 112 to 126lbs and now I’m between 120 to 125 which is good for me and I feel happy. I love the mind results after cardio. You get relaxed and while u do cardio u get inspired and motivated. You look gorgeous the way you are. ❤️ Jelly.

  • Abby Strangward
    February 21, 2017

    Thank you for this! Really inspiring xo
    Abby |

  • soniakamran
    February 26, 2017

    Amazing blog! Can we repost your blog on our online lifestyle and fashion magazine?

  • Liz
    March 8, 2017

    I have written two posts on positive body image referring to the fuller figure; but I remember my little sister having a similar experience to yours. She was a slight teenager, called names. I was a plus sized teenager, told I looked like someone’s mother. Pain makes us stronger. Women suffer a load of predictions for a happy future life based on how they look. I have lived long enough to know that how you look, has no baring on future happiness. Dealing with BS with head held high is significant. So continue to strut your stuff and ignore the noise; cause that’s all it is. Check out: and

  • jhilmil
    December 4, 2017

    Loved the way you’ve narrated that we need to love ourselves to love others. Indeed workout and healthy eating is a way towards loving our body and soul as well.

  • Rachel
    December 4, 2017

    Its so important to be happy in your own skin, first and foremost. With that comes confidence, which is such an attractive quality. I have recently started weight training, adn i love how strong and empowering it makes me feel. I feel better about myself already!

  • Ana De-Jesus
    December 4, 2017

    I was exactly the same as well, I am slim and despise the word ‘skinny’ as it has such negative connotations and I was often teased for being slim. Finding the power to love yourself is very hard but it is an ongoing journey and I am glad that you are finding the strength to love yourself. Power to you x

  • Anonymous
    December 4, 2017

    Such a beautifully written post, I wish I had the power to love myself. It’s something I am going to work on in 2018. x

  • thefashionwanderer
    December 5, 2017

    Yes, agreed! Self body image has been really talked a lot in the media and I do know that no matter what body shape or outer appearance you are, we have to love ourselves. Great inspiration post!

  • Alicia Trautwein
    December 5, 2017

    Thank you for such a beautiful message! I am right there with you when it comes to being extremely petite and always being told I needed to gain weight. It threw off my self image for quiet some time and only now in my early 30s am I really starting to show myself love. This is a message that all of us need!

  • Denni
    December 5, 2017

    I can relate to you on this.. most of my life i was skinny and i did not feel good about. Luckily in my mid 30’s i started to gain some weight and now i finally have the body i want

  • Akamatra
    December 5, 2017

    I love my overweight and un fit body just because it gave me my daughter. I have left it uncared for though and that has to change.

  • Laura Dove
    December 5, 2017

    Ahh I love this, loving yourself is so important. It’s something I am still trying hard to achieve after 37 years.

  • Rhian Westbury
    December 5, 2017

    I wish I had a bit more self love as I do not love the way I look so I am making changes in my life to ensure that I do love myself and my body x

  • Suchi
    December 6, 2017

    Body confidence is so important! Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s inspiring that women have started speaking out on this issue!

  • MinhNguyen
    December 6, 2017

    I totally agree with you. I like the sentence “People who love themselves can be great lovers in return!” We must love ourselves and everything good will come even love.

  • Tiina A
    December 6, 2017

    It’s not easy to accept ypurself and the way you look. We are too often comparing ourselves to others. It took me years to learn feeling good in my body and not wanting to look like something else which was far away what i actually was/are.

  • London Mumma
    December 6, 2017

    It is so important and vital to take time out for you and manage you. You can not keep on giving to others, and not give a little something back to yourself.

  • toastycritic
    December 6, 2017

    It’s so good to be happy for what you have and not to worry about the things that you don’t have an cannot control. And working out does help so much to produce energy. I get that. You do look stunning though. The right person will always appreciate the beauty you have and who you are, and will never worry about what you are not.

  • eliza
    December 6, 2017

    Inspiring and powerful post – Its amazing how we overcome and accept our weaknesses which makes us more human and tend to understand and accept others too. I was also inspired and move by other bloggers who encourage and live in a principle like self love and acceptance.

  • Manoj
    December 7, 2017

    Everyone has their own weaknesses. But most of them try to hide it from others. Self confidence and family support are the important factors that helps you to overcome those limitations.

    Thanks for the share,

  • EasterBabe
    December 7, 2017

    Sometimes loving yourself can be hard. I know when I do have a normal workout routine, it makes me feel so much better about myself.

  • Rye Santiago
    December 9, 2017

    I really admire how you view yourself now. A lot of women struggle to love themselves because of the distorted images bombarded at them by media. But I’m glad you keep yourself health and, most of all, loved. Cheers!