I am super excited to be able to maintain consistency on the blog and social media after a long hiatus! I have shared  work-in-progress with these DIY jeans on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. (Do give a follow for all behind-the-scene actions :))

Here I am, ready with the final look with my DIY Jeans!

Normally I like to go wild with my DIY projects. This old DIY tutorial is a proof that I like to make significant changes to an old item when I am giving it a makeover. This time around I kept it fairly simple with these DIY jeans. I chopped off about 2 inches from the bottom hemline – keeping the legs ankle length long, frayed the edges a bit and left them raw. Suddenly these denims looked a lot more wearable than before. I can now pair them with boots for winter and sandals for summer, isn’t that great!

The look I am sharing today would definitely be the winter version. It is too hot at the moment to team winter florals with ankle high boots in my city. Not to mention, the fabric of this shirt isn’t really comfortable for a hot and humid day. But I didn’t want to wait until next winter to share this look with you guys.

Secondly, we have been trying new photography techniques at home, and this phot shoot was an opportunity to experiment with some new lighting.

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I mentioned in one of my blog posts that we are trying to create a photography corner at home. A place where we can do some indoor photography. Obviously, the need to do so started during the lockdown. These days however, the need has a lot more to do with convenience, bad weather, and sometimes for the sheer lack of good locations for a particular shoot. So, ever since we set up this little corner we have been trying out new things. It is challenging, but mostly fun.

I was absolutely unsure about these shots. A part of me love them, a part of me loathed them!

Therefore I  asked for your opinion through a poll on social media. Majority of you liked the shots, and the few who didn’t, clearly mentioned that you didn’t like them because the light appeared to be too harsh. I toned down the exposure and posted these images anyways. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your feedback! Love you! 🙂

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I hope you liked the styling of my DIY jeans and or new lighting experiment today.

If you have any thoughts, concerns or questions, do leave them on my social media handles. Don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram and Facebook if you like my content.

I will see you soon with the summer version of this jeans very soon! 🙂